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PKC CH GR NT CH GR CH 'PR' Rat River Fernie. She came 1st in Canada as a 1 year old and 2nd as a 2 year old.We sold Fernie in march 2005 when she was 3 years old in Tennessee.She was out of Rat and a Nt ch female. Fernie placed 4th at the Canadian Open and got in a pup derby in Ohio.


NT CH CH Cripple Creek Polly. She was a Nt Ch and she had PKC money won when we sold her at the age of 4. One night she scored 1025+. The only big hunt we took her to was Canadian Autumn Open and she came 4th.Polly was out of Gr nt ch thunders canadian pride. She was sold to Pennslyvania.


Dual Grand 'PR' McBrides Oak Tree Dixie. She was out of GR NT CH LIPPERS LITTLE BUDDY & GR NT CH SCOTIAN JILL. She was a real good track dog and could drive a track. She never ran trash and could tree coons easy.Dixie died at the age of 9.


GR NT CH PKC CH 'PR' TEXAS RED STAR  Star was 9  years old when she died. In 2002 star came 2nd for the canadian state and in 2003 she came 3rd for PKC redbone days in ohio.Star is Ryan's 9th generation of redbones.Stars pedigree - her father was a nite champion 3 wins to grand mcdonalds red superman he had 7 pups 2 were grand nites and 1 nite champ. Her mother was texas red annie her grand daddy was tar heel red ace


Dual Grand Sweetline JAKE, Jake was out of gr nt ch lippers hardwood gun & gr nt ch joe's Sweetie.Jake was a awesome competion dog and a great pleasure dog.Jake was 9 years old when he died. He could run a track good and was a tree dog. He did a lot of winning and was a good cat dog with a lot of heart!


NT CH 'PR' Ryan's Hi-Tech DIESEL- Diesel was a 3 year old nt ch with PKC money won he was out of GR NT CH 'PR' Rats natural jake & 'PR' Northern Hardwood Ceilidh.Diesel was born on November 11 2001 and died in june 2004 by getting hit by a car. Diesel was a nice dog and had a amazing LOUD bawl mouth.


'PR' True Grit Anne. Anne was a great cat dog her breeding was finley River. She had a UKC 1st place. She was a awesome cold trailer. And at the age of 11 she helped us get 11 cats later that year she died. 


'PR' Cutters Cash. On August 20 2005 Cash fell out of a tree and died,He will be missed a lot!Cash was a all grand pup out of Cutter and Josie. Cash was a year old and had a 1st place UKC (375+).Cash had a loud chop both on track and tree.He had a awesome pedigree.Cash was a good pup!


'PR' Kahuna's MR COTTON   Cotton was only 2 years old when he died. He was a really fine hound. He was a very hard hunting dog and could get in there deep fast. He was a 1st and 1st type dog. He was a explosive tree dog. He was one of my top dogs to just go hunting and tree lots of coons with. He was VERY accurate. R.I.P. Cotton!
       To See More Pics Of Cotton, his full pedigree and videos of him Click Here or go to www.mrcotton.piczo.com


'PR' Texas Red Big Al was sold in Michigan. He was out of Doc.Big Al was a Loud redbone with a lot of potential. He was 22 months old when we sold him. After we sold him about 6 months later he got hit by a car.To See more pics of big al and his full pedigree go to www.texasredbigal.piczo.com or click here.

'PR' Ryan's Hi-Tech Jed was sold to Nova Scotia. He was sold as a 1 year old. He was out of GR NT CH 'PR' Wild Style Cruise & PKC CH GR NT CH GR CH 'PR' Ryan's Hi-Tech Nelly. He was well started and could tree his own coon. He is extremly LOUD! Click here to see more pics of JED.

'PR' Cain's Smokin' Diesel was a 10 month old All grand male. We sold him to Kentucky. He was doing extremly good for his age and could run and tree his own coon. He had a loud chop on track and tree. He was a tree dog! Click here to go to his page.

GR NT CH 'PR' Wild Style Cruise was 5 years old when we sold him to Georgia. He is currently up for stud. He has an all grand 5 generation pedigree. Out of Wild Card. He had an extremly Loud mouthed Big bawl voice. He was smart and friendly. He would go hunting really well and tree coons. we had a couple pups out of him that were also extremly LOUD. Click Here to go to his page.


PKC CH GR NT CH GR CH 'PR' Night Rockin' Ring made Grand nite winning 5 out of 7 Nite Champion casts. He was sold to Ryan Angevine. He placed 1st at the RQE so he was qualified for the 2009 UKC World Hunt and Show. He had 2 National tickets one from being the 2008 Canadian State leader. He was the 09/10 IWK Benefit Hunt Champion and the 2009 Maritime Bench Champion. He went hunting extremly good. He is good natured and friendly. He has approx. $1300 won in PKC.He has 14 pups on the ground. Oldest pups being 9 months old and are doing good. Click here for more pics & video.


Nelly died on Nov. 7/2011 she was a 8 year old PKC CH GR NT CH. She won 1st place at the 2010 RQE with 975+ & is qualified for UKC World Hunt. She won the 2010 Maritime Hunt (800+) {the only dog to win the hunt 3 times.} She finished fifth in the 2005 PKC Canadian race. She had over 500 dollars won for the 2006 PKC Nationals and she was also qualified for the 2005 & 2007 UKC world. She won over $1350. She had a loud loud bawl mouth on track with a big dying locate then a steady chop tree dog.She is a stay put HARD tree dog, that likes to have the coon. Once she trees she was always there! She liked to get spilt and went hunting deep. Overall, Nelly was a nice consistent hound that will be missed! Click here to go to her page

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